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Levi says,

I have been, and I probably will be posting things I’ve learned from
One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven by Mark Cahill. Here is a little bit
about it. It is a book encouraging and exhorting people to evangelize.
It is jambed packed with stories about the author’s witnessing
experiences (probably fifty or more inspiring stories). He tells
several common questions the lost have and how to answer them. The
book has many, many practical and biblical tips for witnessing to the
unsaved. He shows how bringing people to heaven is nearly the most
important thing you can do. I really recommend this book to everyone.
The wisdom and spiritual wealth contained in this medium sized book is
extremely beneficial. It is also written in an intriguing fashion and
is very convicting (the author is like a full-time one-on-one soul
winner.) He shows the correct ways to share the gospel and interesting
things to get people to want to listen. Very good read.

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One Response to “Book review”

  1. Justin Says:

    I’m glad you love the book so much. People should know that Mark Cahill wants to get this book into your hands, even if you cannot afford it. Just go to to request this book.

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