Levi says,

God doesn’t need you a year from now. God needs you NOW! We serve a
“right-now” God. The truth is that He doesn’t even need you; you need
Him. But he wants to use you right now. Are you furthering His
kingdom? Are you accomplishing what He asked you to do? If not, then
ask Him to. He wants every believer to bring souls to heaven. In Mark
16:15 Jesus tells us, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the
Gospel to every creature.” “Go” means “do not stay.” It means stop
reading this blog, get up, and go bring the good news to every person
you find in our lost and dying world.
Every single day, 150,000 people die and enter eternity. We have a
project.  John Wesley wrote, “You have nothing to do but to save
souls. Therefore spend and be spent in this work.” And in Proverbs
11:30, Solomon, the wisest man in the world said, “he that winneth
souls is wise.”  Soul winners are wise people. The Bible instructs us
to gain wisdom and God promises to give wisdom to reach the lost for
him. Be wise!

Inspirations from One Thing you Can’t do in Heaven.


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