Book review!


How to Share Your Faith Without an Argument written by Bill Faye. (Read here.) I’d have to say this booklet  is excellent, truly excellent. Though only thirty three pages long, the great ideas and examples it shares are a wealth of knowledge. It teaches the use of interesting questions that get people thinking, but which bring no cause for an argument. It then shows how to have the unbeliever read the verses out loud and tell you, the soul winner, what God means by the verses. This leaves their argument with God, not you. This technique also opens the door to the Holy Spirit to speak directly to the person because they have to interpret what God is saying. The booklet gives several verses to explain this way of sharing your faith.

My parents had talked quite a bit about the book, but I never read it until tonight, and I wish I’d done so much earlier! Why don’t you read it right now? Read here. I took me about an hour or so, and it was very well spent. If you can’t read it now, make a point to read it tomorrow. You can’t miss out on it!

God’s richest blessings!


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One Response to “Book review!”

  1. Justin Says:

    Great review. I read the more complete version, Share Jesus Without Fear a few years ago. After I read it, I so wanted to use what I learned – but I was very nervous. So I went to the gas station and sat in their restaurant area. As I read the Bible, a person came to me and asked what I was reading. Then he sat down right across from me. I had him read the verses and shared the gospel with him. It was wonderful.

    On a side note, one change I would make is not using the last verse (Revelation 3:20) the way he recommends using it. The verse is taken out of context. Use another verse. I suggest 2 Corinthians 6:2.

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