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Lifestyle Evangelism

May 31, 2010

We’ve talked about Street Evangelism and we’ve talked about Friendship Evangelism. However,  while both of these are important, we can’t forget Lifestyle Evangelism. This is perhaps the most important kind of evangelism, especially if you plan on using Friendship Evangelism on a regular basis.

When witnessing to our friends, we have more credibility if we’re actually walking out our faith. Why would our friends want to even consider our religion if it hasn’t changed us? We want to be a Christian not only in name, but in action.

In order to do this we should take 1st Corinthians 10:31 literally, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” We need to make sure we are living a life that pleases God in every aspect. In the way we respect our parents, the way we treat our siblings, in our choice of friends, these should please God. So should the way we talk, our actions, our words, our attitudes, everything. We should be living a lifestyle that makes people stop and wonder why we’re different.

Good luck,


Friendship Evangelism

May 22, 2010

Some of you might remember back when I started the series on Evangelism. We started talking about street evangelism. I personally prefer  friendship evangelism. It’s a little bit easier, because, you actually know the person, and you can “customize” your witnessing to their beliefs and personality. Something I like to do, is wait for them to bring “religion” up. The cool thing with this, is they don’t have to straight out ask you what you believe. They could say something like, “I’m really struggling with such and such right now.” or, “Look at the flowers, aren’t they pretty?” Or “I wonder how such and such works.” There are so many topics that lead straight back to God, Psalm 19:1 says “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Sometimes, your friends will bring something up. If they start talking about their religion, you can listen politely and then say, “That’s interesting, here’s what I think.” It doesn’t have to be an all out argument, just a calm discussion about your beliefs. Along those lines, your friend might come straight out and ask you what you believe. This is awesome, because they’ve opened the door wide open to let you say exactly what you want to say. It’s important, though, to be careful in both cases, not to bash the other person or their beliefs. I’ll never forget talking to my Mormon friend about the differences between our religions, and he told me it was nice to have a discussion without bashing. You can use logic and arguments, but you should have more of a “Let’s explore this together” rather than an, “I’m right, you’re wrong”‘ attitude. Another thing to keep in mind, you two are friends. The friendship is extremely important, yes, you want them to get saved, but that shouldn’t be the only reason for the friendship. If that’s the only reason, and you do not value your friend, they will never listen to you. Remember, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” — John C. Maxwell Hope this helps! In him, History Maker (AKA, Eden)

Street Evangelism

April 15, 2009

A little while ago, I started a series on  Evangelism. We’ve already talked about Friendship evangelism. So now I’d like to move onto Street or Cold Evangelism. I haven’t used this technique much and it seems sometimes to put people off. However, I know people who have used this method with some success. Basically just as you’re walking around, living life and, when you come in contact with other people you tell them the Gospel. Not neccessarily all the time, but you’re on the lookout for people who need Jesus. This is a good idea if the idea of talking to people you know scares you. It’s kind of hard to follow up with this, but there are ways to do it. One of the people on this site actually set up another site to which he directs people he’s talked to. Whatever method you decide to use, it’s always a good idea to tell people about the good news.

Start of Evangelism series

April 15, 2009

Hey all! I’ve been given the privilege of starting off the evangelism series.

So, I’ve decided to start off with what I like to call love evangelism. This is a really big subject, but I feel like God has been laying this on my heart more and more.  I have been evangelizing to my friends for a while now, but it’s only recently that I’ve started thinking about using this style of evangelism.

I think you have to start with understanding that every person you meet is just that, a person. And what’s more, if they’re hurting they don’t want you to throw a bible at them. They want you to understand them.  And if you think about it, that’s what Jesus did. He didn’t go around telling people to repent and turn to Him, he loved them and made friends.

I believe that if you live for you life for Christ, and spend more time loving people than you do preaching at them, they will notice a difference, and want to know why you are different.  I’m not saying that you should never bring up the gospel, I’m simply saying that it might be better to start a relationship first.

This brings me to another point, when you do get into a “religious” discussion, you have to be careful not to bash the person or their beliefs. Nobody wants to be yelled at, and nobody really wants to be told they’re wrong. I had the best results when I took this approach. Instead of attacking my friend and his religion, I listened to what he believed and then showed him what I believe. This particular person believes in the Bible so, I showed him what he said, and what the Bible said. While I didn’t actually bring him to Christ, I believe God helped me to plant seeds.

I hope this has caused you to think about your approach to evangelism.

In Christ,

History Maker

They’re People!

January 9, 2009

History Maker here,
I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship evangelism lately and God
keeps bringing something to mind. That thing? The people you’re
witnessing to are people. So many times I find myself looking at them
as an argument to be won, a mission, an act, instead of seeing them as
lost hurting souls, people just like me. When you go out to evangelize
be bold, but realize that these people are people. Another thing,
don’t be surprised if people who are already in other religions don’t
respond right away. Think about it, you’re asking people to throw away
(in our equivalent) their Bible, and in some cases everything they’ve
grown up believing, they’re whole culture and family life. This is why
it is so important that we see the people we are witnessing to as
people rather projects


January 8, 2009


When someone witnesses to an unsaved person what responses can the unsaved person have? I would say that there are three. The unsaved person can either Accept, have a Seed Planted, or Reject the truth. Now it is easy to see that when someone Accepts the gospel it is a very good thing. Also, if a Seed is Planted in someone’s life it is good. But, remorsefully, when someone Rejects Jesus it is a bad thing. When someone Rejects God’s holy love it is a disgraceful sin.So basically you can see that when you share the gospel with someone you have a sixty-six percent of it being a winning situation! Sixty-six percent is quite a big bonus. If you had 66% chance of winning a bunch of money or shooting a basket ball in the hoop you’d take

Now we’ll look at some verses, Luke 6:22 “Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man. 23 Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their fathers treated the prophets.” and 1Peter 4:13 “But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.” From those verses we can see that even if someone Rejects what you tell them it is still a good

When you witness it will always be a winning situation! When you speak God’s word to people it will always be good. Even if someone Rejects what you are saying it is a winning situation. Accept, Plant Seed, Reject…Win, Win, Win! So go for it! Give your friend a high-five and praise God the next time someone Rejects the gospel . Because “your reward is great in heaven.”

Incites from One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven.