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Street Evangelism

April 15, 2009

A little while ago, I started a series onĀ  Evangelism. We’ve already talked about Friendship evangelism. So now I’d like to move onto Street or Cold Evangelism. I haven’t used this technique much and it seems sometimes to put people off. However, I know people who have used this method with some success. Basically just as you’re walking around, living life and, when you come in contact with other people you tell them the Gospel. Not neccessarily all the time, but you’re on the lookout for people who need Jesus. This is a good idea if the idea of talking to people you know scares you. It’s kind of hard to follow up with this, but there are ways to do it. One of the people on this site actually set up another site to which he directs people he’s talked to. Whatever method you decide to use, it’s always a good idea to tell people about the good news.