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Prasan’s trust

May 28, 2010

Four months of nothing

When Prasan Pinak first arrived in the big city seven years ago, he knew he’d have a lot to learn. The small tribal village he’d grown up in hundreds of miles away was a far cry from the noise, pollution, and crowds that now surrounded him. He knew the language these people were speaking, but the dialect was so different that it might as well have been a foreign tongue.

“I was struggling to understand these people, their thoughts, their language, their words,” he explains. “That was a tough time for me.”

But Prasan decided to get to know his new community as best he could. He walked to homes and businesses, visiting neighbors and sharing the love of Jesus. At first, all he encountered were resistance and anti-Christian sentiment.

“They were just insulting me,” he remembers, “or they were not talking to me at all. They did not accept me.”

He invited people to join him on Sunday mornings for worship, but no one ever showed up.

This went on for four months— silence, rudeness, nothing to show for his daily labors and outreach and no interest in the Gospel whatsoever.

He chose to trust

Then one Sunday morning, Prasan got up before the sun rose and walked through his darkened neighborhood.

“Lord, what is going on?” he prayed as he walked. “I don’t understand why these people hate me; they are not accepting me.”

God reminded Prasan that day of a truth that would become the foundations of his ministry.

“Nothing is impossible in prayer,” Prasan recalls. “When we pray to the Lord, He will answer.”

So Prasan chose to trust, even in the face of circumstances that told him otherwise. And he continued praying for his mission field during his early morning walks.

Within a very short time, 25 people chose to follow Jesus and began attending his church. As the weeks passed, his new congregation steadily grew.

As I read this story about Prasan Pinak in send! the Gospel for Asia News Magazine, it really struck home. Earlier in the article it explains how Prasan gets up around 3:00 or 4:00 every morning, walks miles through the silent city streets, and prays and weeps for the need of the lost and his congregation. With his congregation reaching five hundred believers, rich and poor alike, meeting in different places at different times, he has a lot to bring to God.

So, how does this relate to you and me? Three ways: Prayer, trust, and doing.

God really works in prayer. I imagine it’s His favorite thing to do, answering prayer. And how often I forget it! You and I should— need to be— have to be praying more if we wish to see results. What’s an hour of lost sleep matter if it’s spent praying to the Living God, Creator of man and universe? I believe Prasan’s spiritual success was built on prayer.

In God we trust. It’s written on our coins. It’s written on our bills. Is it soundly written in our hearts? We so much like to be self-sufficient. Don’t have money? Get a job. Not doing well in school? Study harder. Don’t know how to do something? Look it up on the internet and figure it out. Not having victory over sin? Try harder. Don’t see results in evangelism? Learn more and do better.  It seems that in a world where “do it yourself” and self-sufficiency are glorified, we forget that God is responsible. We must learn to put our faith and trust in God. He’s the only one that can make a difference in people’s hearts, we must trust in Him to do it. Give up on trusting in ourselves for results.

Doing. Notice that Prasan didn’t simply sit in his room praying and trusting for God to take action. He spent much of the day meeting people, sharing God’s love, and inviting. Don’t wait for someone else to bring the gospel into the conversation; do it yourself. Then, talk to God (this means a two-sided conversation, wait for Him to answer) and trust in Him to change people’s hearts.

Written by Levi.