Evangelism Experience

This is were you can comment with your own evangelism stories. Hopefully they are fairly recent (not something your dad did twenty years back). You can read inspiring testimonies and learn help tips from them. Read. Learn. Do. The Bible tells us to evangelize so much, it would be really good if we could humbly tell about our own experiences while hearing other’s.

10 Responses to “Evangelism Experience”

  1. Justin Says:

    I once went to mormon.org, an official website for the non Christian group “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”. They have a feature where you can talk to one of their missionaries. It is meant to convert you, but I used it to give the Mormon missionary the true gospel. I wouldn’t recommend this to people who aren’t grounded in their own faith and who don’t know about Mormonism and how they redefine Christian terms, but you can read the whole conversation I had at http://christianincollege.com/page/11/

  2. Christi Says:

    Wow, that is an incredible idea! I will totally have to try that!!!

  3. teens4evangelism Says:

    (Levi speaking to you)

    Hello, I had a great experience today. I finally got out again for a bike ride. It was a little warmer today so there were more people out. God lead me to some that I was able to witness to. I’m praying for their salvation.
    1. The first guy I talk to was walking his dog (German Shepperd for those interested). Even though he was fairly old it didn’t seem like he’d thought to much about his personal spiritual journey. When I told him the gospel message he seemed intrigued by the idea.
    2. I stopped inside the Domino’s Pizza and started talking with a worker (I’d felt I should talk to them in the past). He said he went to church and stuff, but it didn’t look to me like it had changed him at all. We talked about his sin, and how Jesus died for him. He was very interested and convicted of his sin. I suggested he read his Bible when he got back home. I wished I’d asked him if he wanted to pray.
    3. A old guy at the library stopped to talk with me at the library. I asked him how he was spiritually and where he’d go when he died. He was a real talker so I didn’t get to say much. He was considering some sort of reincarnation. He had some interesting views; at least he himself refuted evolution. I didn’t get much farther than some long trails that appeared to be overtaken by rabbits.
    4. On the way home I talked with two teenagers who were also freezing themselves on bikes. They were the smiley and silent type so I didn’t get much out of them. They seemed to agree with what I was saying. After I told them what Jesus had done for them personally I asked what they thought about it, the one boy said, “He’s an awesome dude!” I gave them some tracts (as I did the others), and I told them about NeedGod.com.
    Please pray that all of these people will believe in you. Dennis, was the name of the guy with the dog. Praise God that I was able to find quite a few people to talk to! Seeds were planted.

  4. Justin Says:

    Great story Levi! I have prayed for them as well.

  5. teens4evangelism Says:

    I had an interesting talk with a guy in the Kroger (grocery store) parking-lot today. He was loading his cart with beer bottles to return them and I walked over to talk with him. After talking a bit I found that he believed in some way-off form of reincarnation. He seemed to believe that when he died his energy would go into the ground and be absorbed by animals and plants. Apparently he thought that he would later reincarnate back as another person, but with a different consciusness. He would have a differnet soul then he had now (unlike most reicarnationists believe). After talking about that a while I started talking about the ten commandments. I think it is important for people to realize their need for saving(sin), before telling them about Jesus. After we went through a lot of the ten commandments we didn’t really get anywhere. He couldn’t really remember every lying, stealing, blaspheming, etc. And he thought lusting after women was a needful instinct for the preservation of species. I talked about the validity of the Bible and he brought up a few things against it (thankfully they were quite easy to refute and non-important). I left him with a parting thought, “Even though you don’t believe in eternity, remember, eternity is a long time; where will you spend it?” I also had given him a tract. God bless him with thinking about Jesus.

  6. teens4evangelism Says:

    Matt speaking here:

    Levi, I really respect your ability to talk to random people. I tried once, and I ended up totally freezing.

  7. Justin Says:

    Matt, have you read One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven? It helped me learn how to speak to strangers well. You can get the book at http://www.markcahill.org.

  8. teens4evangelism Says:

    I was able to go out again today. I talked to two men and passed out some tracts. The first man, Ernie, was kind, but didn’t want to talk for too long. I talked with the second guy, Tom, for a while though. We talked about his sin and God’s judgement. He didn’t know what God had done for him, so I told him about Jesus taking his punishment on the cross. After a while of talking, I gave him a tract and told him, “Eternity is a long time. it’s important to know where you are going to spend it. A really long time.” I’m hoping and praying that he’ll think about what I said. I wish that I could find a subject of interest that a lot of people would want to listen to. Something engaging that would make them curious because quite a few people didn’t want to talk. Though I didn’t get too far with the people today, I hopefully planted a seed that God can grow. Lord bless them!

  9. Lindsey Says:

    I have three friends in my neighborhood that I hang out with in the summer. About a week ago my sister and I had them over to make smores and just relax. We got to talking about what they believed. Two of them who were brothers thought they were Christians, but had never accepted Christ and had no idea why they needed him. The other boy, who was their cousin, believed that however you interpreted the Bible was ok and you would go to heaven. I was curios about this so I asked some more questions. He seemed just a little hesitant in answering. Finally it got around to what my sister and I believed. We both opened up and explained to them the need for salvation. They had alot of questions about what sin was and about what the Bible says and what it askes of them and promises them. Now me being more open than my sister, which she admits to openly, I kind of took over the conversation and explained to them the joy that comes with your faith but loso the difficulty. None of them accepted Christ but we have invited them to church with us and they seem open to it.

  10. Philip Says:

    I have found that witnessing along with some friends are much easier and fun to do. However, sometimes we are forced to do it alone and there is a way that I found which can be pretty exciting involving tracts –


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