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October 4, 2008

As my mom likes to put, “Excuses are reasons wrapped in a lie.” When trying to witness it is so easy to give in to excuses. I go through several probably everyday. I thought that I’d make a list of things I commonly think up so that other can add and so we can all come to realize them.

Picture yourself looking at another person you feel you should go talk to and your thinking:

Oh, they’re busy with something else. I’mtoo busy with something else that I need to do. People might have to wait on me if I talked to that person. He’s got ear buds on. I’m in a hurry.¬†She’s talking to someone. I’d better not interrupt. He might be offended. He could be in a hurry. They might get really scared of me or something.

God wants us to reach the lost, but if we always make excuses or justify what we do, it won’t happen. Listen to God, and if he tells you to talk to someone or give them a tract, Do It! If you have other excuses that come to you, you could comment them, so that we can identify them more clearly.