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Evangelizing With the Youth Group

May 21, 2009

Earlier tonight, my Mom and I were able to go witnessing with a church here in town. I was somewhat excited about it, as we had never done it with them before. We arrived several minutes early, then loaded up the bus with (mostly) the church’s youth group. As we were driving, Mom handed me a paper wrapped in plastic which had their general “Gospel” presentation.

I looked it over, and it wasn’t too bad. It did give the Gospel pretty well, and was fairly simple. We arrived at the condos and chose partners. Mine was a good talker who had obiviosly done it before, so I became the secondary speaker (which was alright with me). I also carried the notepad to record what the people in the houses said, or if they were home or not. 

The first house turned out to be the only house which let us go through the whole presentation. She seemed to be about twenty and was friendly, but shy. My partner began by saying “I’m taking a religious servay,” and then proceeded to ask several questions, ending with “Are you 100% sure you’ve saved?” She wasn’t, and said so.

He then went on to begin sharing the Gospel, and it was exciting! But, when it came time to tell her about her sin and her need for a Savior, he zoomed through that part. I was disappointed. I had made occasional interjections and said a few things, but he carried the conversation mostly. He ended by asking, “Would you like to pray a simple prayer that will make you 100% sure you’re going to Heaven?” She was totally confused… and I think I was too. =)

She said she was too shy to pray with us. I could tell she just wasn’t convicted and if she had prayed the “simple prayer”, it would have been a false conversion for sure. People need to know they’re a sinner and need God, before knowing there’s a way to Heaven. I’m so glad to have learned The Way of the Master teaching courses, they taught me a lot!

We went through about eight more houses, and all of them were either busy or not home, so we gave tracks to most the houses. All of the groups were done as well, except for my Mom who went with another lady. We went to the bus as they talked to a girl. We waited and waited, until the youth pastor suggested we pray for the conversation they were having. We all did, and I now know that person is further interesting about Salvation and may come to the church. Praise God!

Since we had arrived, this 5-or-so-year-old boy had been riding around on his bicycle, and would shout things like “Praise the Lord” (somewhat mockingly, at all) and “Are you guys hippies”, etc., to us. I really wanted to talk to him, as I’ve been reading How to Succeed in Winning Children to Christ, and it is a very good book. I went out of the bus to talk to him, but he ran away saying “Oh no! The crazy man is coming for me!” =)

I chuckled, and started walking around the bus to get back inside. I saw three more boys by the bus, who all appeared to be a little younger than me. The final group walking towards us, so I didn’t have time to give the full Gospel to them, but one of them asked, “So do you go to church?” I was amazed at someone would give me a chance to share the Gospel with them! 

Sadly, I didn’t have much time. I said something like “Yes, I do,” and asked them if they did. After they answered, I asked if any of them had their own Bible, and they all said they did. I encouraged them to read it, as God’s Word is very important!

If this trip did only one thing, it was to make me more thankful of the way I’ve learned to share my faith. Although, several people who the group talked to was impacted, and many tracts were given out – so the trip was not meaningless! God is working, so we’ll see how He uses it.

God bless, J.J.

The Way of the Master!

January 10, 2009

Way of the Master (WOTM) is a organization founded and organized by Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, Todd Friel, among others. Way of the Master has a television program, a radio show (now called Wretched Radio), and many other resources. They realize that more than 150,000 people die every 24 hours, and statistics show that only 5% of professing-Christians reach out to those lost. WOTM is trying to equip Christians with the resources they need to be an effective witness for Christ. Here are some +

of the main points they stress in evangelism:

  • Going around the intellect and reaching to the conscience. When people see their sin, and are guilty of it, you can show them God’s salvation. It is easy to get caught up in debating Evolution, the validity of the Bible, and such, but when people are guilty of their sin they will want to be saved from it. Especially when see that their sin has the possibility of sending them to hell.
  • People don’t feel guilty for their sin when they’ve hardened their hearts. So WOTM shows how to soften hearts to the Gospel by showing them God’s Law. A great starting point for showing people their sin is the Ten Commandments.
  • Boldness is a virtue. WOTM shows how easy it is to put off sharing the gospel and the law to “be on peoples’ good side.” It’s easy to forget God’s law and the coming judgement; instead we talk about the Love, Peace, and Joy that we will have when we believe in Jesus.

An illustration they often use is about a guy on an airplane. The flight attendant tells him to put a parachute because it will make his plane ride more enjoyable. The people on the plane laugh at him because he’s wearing the funny, bulky parachute for no apparent reason. He rips it off in disgust because it truly doesn’t make his ride better. On another plane the flight attendant tells a man to wear a parachute because of the 20,000 ft. drop that will be coming. He gladly ignores the mocking of the others because he knows the true reason for his parachute. Unbelievers need to know the true reason for Jesus’ saving grace.

Way of the Master has a great array of resources, including: An awesome DVD course on evangelism, easy-to-give-away Gospel tracts, and their site,, has a huge list of topics that you may need to know while witnessing. Check it out… no really, check it out.

God bless you,